Our Mission: Water Wells for Lubbock, TX

It is the mission of T&T Drilling to offer Lubbock residents and businesses a service to help conserve our drinking water, while continuing to maintain their landscape’s water needs. Over time, Lubbock’s growth has helped recharge the aquifer under our city by channeling rainfall to our playa lakes and percolating this water back into the aquifer. Lubbock is now sitting on a very large mound of groundwater that is not only renewable, but is as shallow as twenty feet below ground level in some areas. By drilling landscape wells, we help conserve our drinking water from Lake Allan Henry and our well fields north of Amarillo. Lubbock is very fortunate to have this resource underneath our city. It is T&T’s belief that utilizing this water for landscape needs would be a wise and beneficial alternative toward the conservation of our drinking water for our children, and Lubbock’s future.
License Number: 1862

who we are

  • Tucker “Skeeter” Rudder
    Tucker was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He was named after his father Tucker Rudder. With Tucker’s dad not being pleased with his son’s name, he chose to call him “Skeeter”, which to this day, is still widely used by friends and family. From childhood through his adult years, Tucker “Skeeter” Rudder was constantly at his father’s side, and Continue Reading...


In city financing is available with approved credit.